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Energy intelligence for supporting seniors at home

The CleverGuard system uses the electric energy consumption of the household to recognize the activities of the residents and comprises a smart meter that can be easily retrofitted on existing electric installations at low costs. A cloud/IoT system, including sophisticated data analytics, detects the appliances through their specific electric load signature and infers from the residents' activities. The CleverGuard detects deviations from the normal daily/weekly routine activities, and depending on the criticality, an alert to relatives and/or formal caregivers is issued. Abnormal activities hint at critical situations and potential upcoming risks for the residents. The CleverGuard research and development project is funded by the Active & Assisted Living (AAL) Programme and the member organizations.

About Active & Assisted Living Programme (AAL)

AAL is a funding program that aims to create a better quality of life for older people and strengthen industrial opportunities in healthy aging technology and innovation.

The AAL program is a funding instrument co-financed by the member countries and the European Commission.


Coordinator: Clemap AG

Hungarian lead partner: Inspiring Culture Kft.

National Contact Point: National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Project code: 2019-2.1.2-NEMZ-2021-00014

Duration: 30 months

Starting date: 01.04.2021.

Total budget: HUF 105 910 200

Public contribution: HUF 50 060 036 More about CleverGuard...


About AAL

AAL- Ageing Well in the Digital World - is a funding program that aims to create a better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy aging technology and innovation. More about AAL.


About Inspiring Culture Kft.

Inspiring Culture, enable people and organizations to adopt the most effective behaviors and make sustainable and positive differences in their environment through catalyzing change. The role of Inspiring Culture Kft in the AAL Cleverguard project is to facilitate business strategy, sales, and marketing, market orientation to R&D, user testing, attracting capital, IP protection, and dissemination strategy. More about Inspiring Culture...




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