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Does your sales team go the extra mile?

Jun 9, 2021

Are you aware of what triggers your sales team to go for the extra mile?

We know from experience that going for the extra mile is primarily a question of values and respect.

When you ask your sales team what is the reason why they are in sales you may have answers like:

1) We have the product that will address the world's pollution

2) I like the contact with people

3) I cannot stand being in an office all day

4) No specific reason I just feel good to work for you or for the company

So knowing what their values and motivations are, which underpin their enthusiasm for working in sales, makes sense and help you identify what would make them go for the extra mile, sustain them in their difficult moments and increase their willingness to make cold call if necessary.

If you're unclear about how this all works, join us and share your views and experiences with others that may have been in the same situation.

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Does your sales team go the extra mile?